What is World Tourism Day and why it is celebrated?

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World Tourism Day

The world is a small place if you extend the boundaries of your imagination. As you move back in time it will become tough to connect to the rest of the world. An approach was made to shrink it which turned out to be successful. This approach is World Tourism Day.

What is World Tourism Day?

It is the day that is celebrated each year on September 27 to honor and encourage global tourism. The main objective is to highlight the importance of world tourism in changing the social, cultural, political, and economic atmosphere.

When it is started?

We are celebrating this day since 1980 on September 27. On this day in 1970, the Statutes (legislation) of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) came into existence.

In October 1997, at the 12th session of UNWTO in Istanbul, it is decided to have a host country each year to organize the events of the celebration of World Tourism Day with a theme. In 2019, India got the honor to host World Tourism Day.

The late Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi proposed the idea of celebrating September 27 as World Tourism Day and he got recognized for it quite late in 2009. He was from Nigeria.

The Symbolic color of World Tourism Day is Blue.

Importance of World Tourism Day

  • In this era where each country has some of its conflicts with each other, it became very important for them to understand their cultural differences. Which is only possible by visiting each other, interacting with each other.
  • Not only financial exchange, but the technological exchange is also a major part of Tourism.
  • It creates lots of jobs for locals of tourist destinations in many forms.
  • Most importantly it gives happiness. Now don’t say to me explain how you feel when you spend a weekend on a trip with your closed ones.
  • Not only inter-country tourism is beneficial, but also in a country within itself.
  • Knowledge is above all these what one can get by only visiting.
  • To identify problems and to propose effective solutions for a place can only be possible by visiting it
  • Traveling also necessary to keep the relations warm, especially in politics.

From all the above-mentioned importance it is clear that World Tourism Day is acting like encourager. It is playing a very vital role in balancing the order of the world created by human but in my personal opinion, it is not that famous as it should be.

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