Why are emotions and sentiments important in engineering a relationship?

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If there are feelings, there is a relationship, there is a sense of affinity in the relationship.  Otherwise, everything is empty and colorless.

The world of relationships emerges when you feel connected, love, and all of them are connected.  Equality and embellishments are the feelings of relationship in the world of emotions.  Imagine a family in which the husband-wife relationship is there but there is no love for each other.  If there is no attachment, no dedication, then what will that relationship look like?  Otherwise, we can assume that the strong thread of emotions only makes the relationship stronger. What happens many times, this emotion trap leads us to many more such relationships, where we forget to think good and bad.  It is said to flow in emotions. the person forgets to see that the person in front is blackmailing him emotionally.  So it is important to keep in mind that feelings should be true and be for the person who is true and trustworthy because he will consider your feelings. 

Today we can see how each other is deceived in the name of love. Trapping men in honey traps and cheating women in the name of marriage.  All this is the result of not recognizing the right person in which the person in front is playing with our feelings and we are left crying and regretting it. 

Many times it happens that lack of emotions strangles the dignity of the relationship.  If the offspring raise their hands on the parents, it is important that the plants of the relationship should be learned from time to time by the emotions, so that the plants of the relationship do not wither, but should be flourishing in the garden of life. So it can be said that neither excess of feelings not good for a relationship nor too much lack of feelings is good for the relationship. 

The world of emotions is very soft.  Emotions change the color of a relationship, even when it little hurts. Sometimes in families, we see brothers and sisters who grow up living together, who were once willing to die for each other. In an instant, they become enemies of another. In which moment does that love turn into hatred. They do not know it.  What causes this? 

The misunderstanding in the Relationship envelops the feeling of warmth created in the Relationship like a sheet of ice.  Then it starts from there the end of that relationship. It is important in any relationship that we should take care of the feelings of each other’s mind so that no misunderstanding of any kind comes in between the relationship. 

In the present context, psychologists have played an important role in our society.  Until years ago, it was believed to go to psychologists that the person is insane. That’s why the importance of psychologists was low in society, but today! Everywhere you will see the importance of psychologists. His presence will be seen. Whether the office, in a police station, hospitals, etc.  Why this is because today every third person is surrounded by emotional imbalance. He is unable to handle the relationship, nor himself. Psychologists solve their problems in this way.  Support him, his negative feelings are replaced by positive emotions and RET and CBT are techniques in which psychologists focus only on the feelings of the person and bring out his positive feelings for the overall development of him. 

In conclusion, we can only say that without feelings, the personality of a person is incomplete and a person with an incomplete personality can not make a successful relationship.

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