What are the positive effects of Lockdown?

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Before talking about effects, we should first know about technicalities of lockdown.

What is lockdown?

Lockdown is an emergency protocol imposed by the government that prohibits people from leaving their homes and venturing into public places.

In more simple words we can say that it is the state of a country where people are not allowed to leave their houses and will come out of their houses only when there is an emergency or basic things of daily need are required, also people are not allowed to gather for public meetings or for other programs.

Need of lockdown

The first and foremost need for lockdown is to minimize (more convenient to end) the worldwide spreading disease novel coronavirus. The main motive of lockdown is to implement social distancing, preventing people from socializing and unnecessary gathering, so that to prevent the spread of disease from one person to another.

Effects of lockdown

On novel coronavirus disease

The novel coronavirus disease is highly contagious, spreading fast from person to person. Lockdown makes social distancing effective prohibiting human to human contact at the highest level possible. This social distancing helps a lot in removing the spread of disease.

Effects on Pollution

Coronavirus outbreak has a good positive effect on pollution which can be seen from the following facts

  1. People in Punjab say that now they can see the snow peaks of Himalayas a view that has been blocked for decades by air pollution.
  2. New Delhi alone has recorded a 60% drop in fine particulate matter, the world’s deadliest air pollutant.
  3. As humans stay inside the environment is temporarily changing, wild animals are roaming freely on the streets and smog-filled skies are clear.
  4. As most of the industrial areas are closed, dirty water which was going into the river has stopped and the rivers are also quite clear and clean now these days

In more simple words, this COVID – 19 pandemic outbreak brings the cure for nature. And by the way according to Environmental Kuznets Curve to a certain point, there is an inverse relationship between healthy environment and economic growth.

Environmental Kuznets curve
Environmental Kuznets Curve, By Govinddelhi – The diagram is made using Microsoft Word., CC BY 3.0

Families spending time together

Since there is lockdown no one is allowed to go out of their houses so all family members are spending quality time with each other.

Children are playing indoor games like chess, carrom board, ludo with their mother, father, and also with the rest of the family.

Teenagers who always use to stuck in their mobile phones and don’t think about their grandparents and elders are now also spending time with them. They have learned that their senior generation is how important to them. They are nothing without them.

Work From Home

This is one of the unique positive effects of lockdown. As no one would have thought that one day the whole world will sit at home and will work from their respective houses.

Many RJs, Bollywood stars, YouTubers, and other social media influencers are spreading awareness and entertainment from their own houses and even the ministry is doing everything online in order to keep social distancing.

As keeping the student’s studies and their bright future in regard, most of the schools, colleges, and other educational institutes have open online classes for students and all teachers are
teaching from their homes only.

A New Face of Police and Government Officials

This pandemic outbreak has shown us a new good face of police especially. Now the whole country is only dependent on police and doctors. These people are risking their own lives in order to keep the nation safe and secure. The doctors and police are leaving their own families.

We can see police distributing food packages and basic things of the daily necessity to the poor and even their salary was also cut for PM care funds. While the doctors and scientists all over the world are working day and night to treat patients and to make a vaccine.


Lockdown is an unavoidable protocol to save lives and to spread awareness about the epidemic. It is our duty to follow the guidelines of the lockdown and also to stay united in these difficult times.

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