They’ll Scream All (Poetry about Loneliness)

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They'll Scream All (Poetry about Loneliness)


A new sun a new day,
They woke up with a new ray,
Climbing all the heights with gay,
“Oh what a girl!”, they all say..
But once in sundry days..,
I find them sitting alone and singing her pain,
Trying to find the gold hidden in her waning gains,
Counting the diabolic smiles when she’ll fail.
In solitude she reminisced,
That how,
They kept laughing at her belief in fantasy,
That how,
They kept vandalizing her belief in ecstasy,
And how,
They clenched her to look up to the sky of haze.
Forced her to delve into never ending ocean of despair,
Standing there I could feel that gloomy aura,
And kept warning the world,
Don’t try to look into them,
They are as dead as death,
Don’t try to be kin with them,
They are friable,
Don’t dare to be an enemy,
Their raze is a maze,
Don’t question them, coz
They’ll scream all !!!


THEY’LL SCREAM ALL is a story of a girl who loves fantasies a girl who is confident enough to accept challenges, someone who is an idol to many people. Someone who built her mansion with the bricks people threw on her. But as it is said Rome wasn’t built in a day so was her mansion.

The author tried to explain the phases which this girl or say all the talented people suffer because of solitude. The author here had mentioned how the feeling of these budding buds has a turn from despair to raze.

Phases of her failure, phases when the so-called dear ones left her in solitude, phases when she stopped trusting people, phases when she deemed SOLITUDE IS THE NEW CONSTANT, are explained via this poem.

AS, “EYES” are the streams originating from the ocean of our feelings.

So, the author chose her eyes to be personified as a person who knows all the sufferings and loneliness of that girl, someone who is full of raze and is ready to scream all her wrath. But as the girl is of serene demeanor, they are clenched to just sing her pain on the stage of LONELINESS!

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