The Hunch Contest – Women’s Day Series (8th March – 16th March)

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The Hunch Contest

Hello Foodies,

Factsberry Team is organizing a contest for The Hunch Cafe on this International Women’s Day in respect of all Super Moms and Super Ladies.

To know everything about this contest just go through this article carefully till the end.

You have to show your content creation skills and your talent for photography and editing. You have to post pictures and reels on Instagram connected to The Hunch Cafe using a special hashtag and tagging the official Instagram account of The Hunch Cafe.

You have to use this Special Hashtag while posting which is given below:


Now you must have a question troubling you, what kind of content you can post?

We can give you an idea by categorizing content into 3 categories as given below:

  • HUNCH MEAL OF THE DAY: Reel/Post showcasing your favourite meal at The Hunch Cafe.
  • WOW HUNCH: Reel/post showcasing how you are emotionally connected to The Hunch Cafe. For example, your favorite moment at “THE HUNCH”, What you celebrated with “THE HUNCH” (birthday, anniversary, etc), your favorite employee at “THE HUNCH”.
  • MY HUNCH WOMEN: Reel/Post showcasing you & incredible women in your life (your mother, your sister etc)
  • For each post or reel, points will be given. Points will be used to determine winners.
  • Point Distribution: Reel – 50 Points (Maximum), Normal Post – 20 Points (Maximum)
  • Posting content under MY HUNCH WOMEN category will provide you guaranteed 30 bonus points.
  • Better the caption, better are the chances of the win.

The Hunch Vouchers will be given as prizes which you can use to pay your bill at The Hunch Cafe.

  • 1st Prize: The Hunch Voucher of Rs. 1000 (means using this voucher you can get orders of Rs. 1000 for free)
  • 2nd Prize: The Hunch Voucher of Rs. 800
  • 3rd Prize: The Hunch Voucher of Rs. 500
  • 4th Prize: The Hunch Voucher of Rs. 200
  • Contest Duration: 8th March – 16th March (only content posted under this duration will be considered)
  • Result Declaration and Prize Distribution: 18th March
  • Voucher Availment Duration: 19th March – 31st March (Validity Period of Voucher)

So, ready your cameras, mobile phones, and show your content creation skills to the city of Glass. For any query, DM The Hunch Cafe on Instagram.

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