PUBG vs Call of Duty Mobile: What are the differences?

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PUBG vs Call of Duty Mobile

Many big companies have tried to be a competition for PUBG but all failed in their expeditions. Some gain respect like Fortnite and Apex legends but both remain short to level with PUBG’s popularity.

From the time of announcement of the release of Call of Duty Mobile, many gaming specialists were expecting Call of Duty Mobile will dethrone PUBG. And actually it proved itself to be a good competitor.

By now both games have 100 million+ downloads on Google Play Store and many started to prefer COD Mobile over PUBG. So you can agree that COD Mobile has broken the monopoly of PUBG in the field of online gaming.

PUBG vs Call of Duty Mobile – Differences

  • Bugs and Glitches – Although Being a fantastic game and having the largest fan base PUBG still is not free of glitches and bugs which most of the time annoys users. Irrespective of how good your device is, you can face glitch while playing.
  • Hacking – Due to a large number of players playing PUBG the number of hackers is also high. It costs professional players as they are good because of their skill but somebody is more good than them just because of hacking. Hacking also costs people in the form of their game ID and progress.
  • Negative Image – As the addiction of PUBG is so high, in the parental community this game is highly unrecommended. PUBG has also faced so many bans in different cities in India. Many unfortunate deaths also have taken place which makes its repo worse.
  • Large Updates – Regular large updates are out week by week. This thing annoys the user most if he has only limited access to data.

Note – Right now Call of Duty Mobile is free from the above-mentioned issues, but as time will pass it is quite possible COD Mobiles will fall prey to them.

  • Game Menu – Game menu content of both games is quite the same but Call of Duty Mobile here earned some extra points because of content display and presentation.
  • Lobby – In PUBG lobby is more a seashore with a crashed plane, while in Call of Duty Mobile it is something military airbase.
  • Plane – PUBG has one traditional plane during its plane jumping portion, while Call of Duty Mobile has multiple planes and helicopters, all look really something like a scene of science fiction movie.
  • Jump – PUBG has traditional jumping gameplay which happens in real life, while Call of Duty Mobile jumping is different, players have high tech wingsuit to enjoy more.
  • Vehicles – In Call of Duty Mobile you find more high tech cars with military vehicle look, helicopters are a special addition to it. While in Pubg, vehicles are of simple look.
  • Additional Class mode – This mode is something that you can’t find in PUBG. This class mode includes features like defender which develops shield around you, scout to trace the path of the enemy, and various other things.
  • Grapple Gun – In Call of Duty Mobile by using this feature you can travel between places really fast. PUBG lags with this feature.
  • Device requirements – Both possess almost the same device requirements for smooth functioning. A device having android version 5.1.1 or above with the minimum of 2GB RAM and 2GB free storage can run both games at possible lowest settings.
  • Overall Graphics – COD Mobile has graphics that appear to be more realistic which graphics of PUBG suits the eye more.

Which one is better?

Opinion – That’s a very difficult question and I think it should remain unanswered. According to me, the comparison of both games can only be done on the basis of user satisfaction as both have the same technical background. I have seen people choosing COD Mobile over PUBG or vice versa. Now the number of users per month worldwide for both the games is quite same. So in short it depends on the individual which game he/she finds better.

Please notify us in the comments, which game you found better.

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