Poetry on Bullying

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The soul in his skin is screaming loudly
His nerves are dealing those chills very proudly
He is closing his ears to lower there voice
His head is chaotic and his phone is quiet
His reflection in the mirror is slowly fading
He is cursed by the words that they are stating
These couple weeks he hasn't been well
And tried to get over the cursed casted spell
He's chuging down those little medicines of sleep
Tries to live with those swollen eyes that weep
That crease on his hand spoke a million words
He did nothing "he said" when his  hands bleeded cords
He is crying bitterly without shedding tears
He is fighting along with his internal fears
He stayed till 5am and tried not to fall apart
And waited for the soul of his body to depart


The most usual yet devastating thing that a kid suffers or goes through in this realm is Bullying. To some kids, it’s their ego that’s speaking up, to some it’s their way to flaunt their ragging skills and to some, it can be the result of handling years of cuss words from their close ones. In this way, some awful poison like words can literally put a child to death, it actually hurts when it happens to a kid as to where he is degraded, he is called a crazy lad, he is emotionally and sometimes physically abused in his own skin for in real, no reason at all by his own school or college mates. Bullying is actually headed to the disgusting shames a kid is shamed with, where he is taken down because of his physical appearance, behavior, race or religion, social status (popular), sexual identity, etc.

Silent suffering and tearful sobbings of a child can be quite alarming as it can cause him/her to lay their feet in depression or it can even make him commit suicide. Research has shown that every 1 in 5 (20%) is being bullied during their school year. Every delinquent that bullies can bully in different ways, here are some:

Physical Bullying

Bully harasses or even sexually assaults the bullied. He/She punches, hits, or touches the other inappropriately.

Verbal Bullying

Bully throws dirty tantrums or cuss words at the bullied.

Psychological Bullying

Bully gossips about the bullied and tries to make the situation or the place awkward for him.


Bully uses the internet as their weapon and can also use it to leak the other person’s personal pictures or videos. They post mean comments and body shame the bullied publicly, which depresses the child.

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