Poetry: God is a Woman?

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god is a woman
 No one ever heard those screams behind the door
 When she was beaten so badly and was dragged on the floor
 New wounds were seen on her face each day
 Again, she was brutally.... beaten up today
 Those kids of her, stood stunned in the corner
 As for them, this sight was filled with the utmost horror
 Their mother was yelling and crying with bleeding eyes
 And look how, she still hides it with a bunch of beautiful lies
 They used to see wine glasses felling over the table
 And watched their father each day when he turned unstable
 Surviving each day kids developed a mentality
 That it was a part of their living and was a reality 


We all must have heard that “God is a woman”… Is it just a phrase or it means what it says?

Well, for some it is a lifelong known fact and for some – just mere bullshit. No matter how hard these agencies try to bring up women’s and try to make their voices be heard as far as possible, there will always be at least 20% of these cases that remain shut, unnoticed, and un-identified.

No one knows if a cheerful woman at work is happy or just smiling to conceal the pain that she suffers at home none knows what happens behind those closed doors, No one knows if that incised cut was just a coincidence or is proof of her husband’s late-night abuse on her, No one knows why a woman living downtown has droopy eyes and gravy face. None of us can figure it out.

Then how do we help them, if they don’t share these things with us?

Still… I’m out of answers on this, Some angels in disguise are suffering like hell but choose to stay “hush” as their family members would undoubtedly harass them in those dark nights. Referring to India, 16% of women are suffering from physical abuse and almost 52% are psychologically where 25% are sexually abused. The domestic violence act has been passed since 2000 but still, a majority of women are bleeding and been burnt every year, some on roads and some in homes.

Years pass by, Decades pass by, but these things, in the majority look the same to me. Coz at last ” If one woman is crying herself to sleep then don’t forget, God, will be crying with her too”

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1 thought on “Poetry: God is a Woman?”

  1. Meenatchi Nagasubramanian

    Wonderful poetry!!
    In my view, every woman is a God.
    God created her as she has the strong willpower to forgive and forget the sins done by fellow human kind.
    There are only few people in the world who sees woman as Goddess and respects her.
    Remaining people sees her in many forms.

    Every woman should forget the Goddess in her and learn to live only for her SELF.

    This will slowly transform her to a strong and brave women who will reach greater heights.

    Of course, it will take a lot of time to make this change.

    But it should happen quickly to save Women from being extinct.

    “Whenever you need a hand, you will always find one at the end of your arms”

    This quote is perfect for all women because no one is willing to help her when she is suffering, but always takes her time to make themselves happy.

    A suggestion to fellow Women:

    Stop being a Goddess.
    Learn to be Selfish.
    Live for yourself.
    You will find peace and happiness.

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