Poem about Anxiety

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The fan moves slowly above my head
It's so quiet you can hear it cry
The flower vase that blossomed in morn
Casts it's hideous shadow on the table it lies

The clock that once showed me beautiful times
Now grieves seeing myself undone
Somewhere outside the raven cries
The omnious foretelling of what's to come

The lights are bright but I can see it dim
It's my eyes not showing what is what
Waves of emotion thrust me into the couch
As I lay there sobbing in distraught

My gut aches my breath is heavy 
My bones are aching with sore throat
Should I try and get up one last time
Or just give it up, the ball's in my court 

I tried more times than one can ever do
To pick my parts up together
You can hardly live the present anymore
If your future is more uncertain than ever

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