My Brightest Darkness: Poetry

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my brightest darkness
There's something abhorrent gonna take place in my life
Don't know what, don't know when or don't know why 
But certainly there's some turning new
A path which I never knew
A path through gloom leading to brightness
A blinding sight that clears our view
Thus, a path taken by just a few....

I just don't know, which way life gonna go
What episodes it gonna show
To which sea through which river, it would row 
What in excess, what in scarce it gonna show
How high it gonna soar or how deep it gonna row

What new friends it gains me more
Or what rejects me and how many nos
What new faces it gonna reveal
Which of my wounds it would heal
Or give answer to questions for which I kicked my heels
And what are the truths I need to know, still under seal
Which of my dependable were my foes
And what covenant were made, never to be kept so
What was the cause of all my woe
What all promises were never kept so

But whatever would
Whether bad or good
The way it turns
I would walk from dusk to morn 


There is not one person that goes to avoid some sort of grapple or hardship in life. In fact, there are things that happen in life that usually shake us to our nucleus.

The essential nature of living and being mortal is to expertise life in its purest kind — the wins and losses and celebrations and challenges.

Some of these experiences aren’t favorable. We might be in pain, physically or emotionally. Often, we have a tendency to feel betrayed by life itself, we have a tendency to feel it’s unfair and question why we have to travel through these struggles and why only we have to undergo these struggles.

What we do not understand is that these struggles are a present from life itself. Once we return face to face with a struggle, an occasional purpose in life, be it illness, a relationship breakdown, or economic ruin, at the time we are lost in gloom.

Having had an emotional breakdown I do know what it is like to be lost within the chasm of darkness with no go of the hope of any light shining through.

You can’t see your way out of it, target only the sunshine at the top of the tunnel. Some refer to it as “dark night of the soul” — I decision it as the emergence of the soul. It’s during this place that your soul speaks to you and you start to understand that you aren’t your circumstances, however one thing way larger.

Everything you’re prying, each struggle, pain, or hardship, is truly a present. It’s a present as a result of it asks you to travel deeper into yourself and realize the gold of who you are.

The common saying “What does not kill you makes you stronger” features a terribly profound truth to that. What you overcome in life makes you richer in each approach. Once you are in that dark place searching for the simplest way out of your hardship, you are faced with 2 choices: quit or tap into the resource that you just did not even understand you had, and come through it stronger and humbler than you were before. Through gloom comes light, through pain comes triumph and through fear comes love.

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