Love is LOVE

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Dear Society,
When I was little I always imagined myself as white,
While everyone else was red or blue.
With me there was obviously something not right.
The other children made sure that I knew.
They'd mock & say that I was messed up forever.
Even though I never felt that way.
My parents and teachers told me I'd get better,
I swear I thought, I was okay.
I never felt wrong in cwtching my guy mate.
Or giving a peck on my friend's loving jowl.
He was my love, my soul then why so much of hate.
We were like loving, passionate yet separated fowl.
I always thought that I was different
Maybe God made a mistake,
As the years passed by I grew independent,
Cruel people judgement I no longer had to take.
Then one day I met a different kind of blue,
He was so appealing I never stopped to think.
He was so precious that I encased him like a bijou.
But to this day we make a beautiful shade of
Teal rejecting pink.
It really amazes me how men set such
Ludicrous double standards for both women and lgbtq people.
If something is beyond their norm,
It is automatically consider it as taboo…. Or worse or evil.
A heart loves a Heart
A soul loves a Soul
No matter which body it's captured in
Why should boys loving boys or girls loving girls be different from boys loving girls or girls loving boys?.


Love should never mean having to live in fear.
Love is Love. It cannot be judged or discriminated against on the grounds of sex, caste, color, creed and on various norms that society has developed. Love is the purest form of the soul at peace. From our childhood, we have taught that opposites attract which in turn helps the world to progress.

You may disagree with their lifestyle choices, but you have no right to impose your view, be it religious or personal opinions on gay people’s everyday life. How they lead their life is none of our business, you are not a spoke person for God, neither are you the guardian or moral police appointed by God.

If you believe LGBT is wrong because your religion says so, I have bad news for you, according to another religion, it is ethically wrong to eat meat, you are now forbidden from consuming meat and will lead a strict life of vegetarianism. Don’t like this idea? Then do not impose your Godly view onto others. If God made them like this, who we are to reject them?

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