Journey Of Feelings

Today I decided to go on a walk with my dearest companion My Pen.
We planned that we are going to explore many places like Sadness, Happiness, Laughter, Joy and many others.
So I got ready and my pen wore a black shirt and we started to walk.
We decided that firstly we are going to visit a place called Happiness.
We reached there and started to view the place, that place had less number of visitors we didn't knew what was the reason.
So we left the place after exploring.
We then went to another place called Sadness, there was a hell long queue with many people and their respective pen companion.
We were in dilemma that what was so interesting in that particular area.
Because of Queue we were unable to go inside so we decided to leave that place as well.
In our list next place was Laughter.
A place which had a scary and the same as it resembles now,
Once this place was also lively and beautiful but as the people went to explore Sadness. Laughter was left and then turned into disastrous ruin.
After listening to such a heart-wrenching story with a heavy heart we both went to another place which was at a long distance from sadness.
After much travel My pen got tired.
So we took rest and the next day we continued
We then reached to our perfect place Joy.
A place with perfect atmosphere and perfect view.
We sat there with a cup of hot Chocolate and my companion said,
"Buddy, don't you think this world has changed. And it has changed on another level, people are ignoring the best places and going to sadness, gloomy, dreary these kind of places. We also don't like to go there but as a companion we are compelled to go. We want to go and explore happiness, joy, laughter, smile but people nowadays have embedded themselves so deep in sadness that they don't know that there are many more beautiful places to visit. Some go to sadness because heartbreak suggested them, some go because fucking judgmental society told them. Can't people think on their own that sadness is not the only place world is full of bright places also".
And for the first time I didn't knew what to say. Always I said and My companion listened but today the case was different. He was speaking and I was sitting numb with teary eyes. And that place got wet with those pearl like salty water.


I’m sorry this poem or lack of poem as it turns out is not a comment on feminism or sexism or racism or existentialism or nihilism or about Love. I’m sorry this poem doesn’t rhyme, this poem has no rhythm. But what this poem has, is an abundance of imageries and metaphors. This poem is all about a journey of a person from his one part of thought to another in which his companion his pen accompanies him.

This poem is an example of personification and symbolism type of piece.

  • Firstly going on a walk symbolizes going on self-analysis of ideas and thoughts.
  • Further description of the places symbolizes that these are the feelings, the person is going through.
  • Further, the pen is personified and shown as the dearest companion of the person.
  • Again, the number of visitors symbolizes about the mindset of the people.
  • Lastly, the metaphor ‘pearl like salty water‘ signifies that the person is completely enlightened about the idea of the journey of feelings. And all his doubts are leaving him in the form of tears.

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