Joker movie non-spoiler review

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Joker 2019

From the date of its release, everybody is only talking about Joker. On the 4th of October 2019, a DC classic, Joker released in India. I already mentioned classic so it means it is worth watching. Moving below we will discuss basic information on the movie and what things make this movie exceptionally good.

Basic Information

The movie is directed by Todd Phillips, with a budget of 5.5 crores USD. Now here I can easily predict that the movie will earn a minimum of about ten times its budget easily. Joaquin Pheonix played the main role of Arthur Fleck AKA Joker. The movie is getting so much success, the main reason behind it is the man who is in the lead role. Joaquin Pheonix made his lifetime performance in the movie which surely will lead him to the winning of many awards and titles. Many are claiming it as an Oscar-winning performance, here I also think the same way. Now we will move to the main joker movie non-spoiler review.

Main Review

The movie is as dark as you can’t imagine. If you thought Batman vs Superman was a dark movie, it is way darker than it. The plot of the movie was to show the conversion of Arthur Fleck to Joker and the movie succeeded in doing it very smoothly. If you watch this movie you will find yourself be a part of it.

Nobody is a criminal by birth but circumstances made him, this statement suits the life of Arthur Fleck most. Things keep on happening in his life which made him extreme psycho. Society makes things worse for him. His life is totally tragic here. These are those parts of the movie where you will be connected most, you will develop sympathy for him and may ask a question with yourself, how such things can happen to somebody??

According to the director of the movie “This movie is not about Joker, but about the psycho guy who ended being Joker due to situations”

The movie is quite slow in the middle but it will not feel that so. If you compare it to situational demand at that particular instant, it is justified on being slow. If you want to give your brain some challenging task while watching the movie try to predict what is going to happen next if you predicted right then you are genius. Because many failed, many with extensive knowledge of DC comics failed to predict. Twist and turns are the lifeline of this movie with parallel to the story and acting.

According to one media report, Joaquin Pheonix saw nightmares about the movie scenes that he shot while playing the character. He put his whole body and mind to become Joker, that’s why it is calling as a masterpiece of artistry.

Here I give you one last insight. While watching movie you will feel sympathy for a guy who is a serial killer. So now you can imagine how much of dilemma it will put you in.

One piece of advice, Movie in exceptionally good, but at some moments it is quite disturbing so please try to avoid it watching with kids.


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