Is adolescence the most complex phase of life?

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Complexity and adolescents go hand in hand. It’s like you are in some trap, you can see through it on the other side but can’t get you out of it. This mesh is of thread-like emotions, feelings and you cannot pinpoint anyone at a time.

When out of the blue everything started changing around you, the adrenaline rush becomes a frequent and loyal visitor of your feeling and the only can do is to move with the flow because efforts against gravity go in vain. You can’t get over your inner conflicts and with time it only increases.

You feel weird changes in your body physically as well as emotionally, in your social behavior because of hormones and also cognition changes toward knowledge. Sometimes you get over-excited and at the very moment, you can’t define your excitement. Out of protecting the arms of your parents when you get a glimpse of the real world that how bitchy it can be and at the same time benevolent, things get more complicated for you.

It is a very crucial and most complex part of everyone’s life. Where you try hard to understand yourself but end up getting more confused. Even then your parents have a hard time understanding you. Priority changes, friends seem more understanding than parents, more than family. Because they are going through the same and they can understand us better than our parents. Since these hormones are not going to be useless, you naturally feel attracted to the opposite gender.

You go through Distractibility, disorganization, and diversion. Start focusing on self-desire and freedom.

Started craving attention, affection, love & care a little more than ever. You want both sympathy and empathy a little more than ever. Even after knowing you are the one at fault, you ignore it and don’t want to hear criticism because of some new yet very known ‘ego’. When we can’t have our ways anger, fear, anxiety, irritability are what we mostly use as our shield and temporary solution to all our problems which in reality is not. Confusion stays longer with you than any other feeling.

With each passing day in this phase of life, you discover a new in you. A new wave of emotion along with your physical growth. And it’s an entirely different thing how you take these changes. Most of us end up comparing ourselves with others, underestimating ourselves, ignoring the best in us which is more than enough for a beautiful life we are weaving a dream of. Good curves, height, skin color, beauty, physique fantasies, etc. us more than any other things. Well! It’s more of an obsession than fantasy.

Your life starts getting intervened by the social world and most of the time it leaves long-term effects. Sometimes all these changes take a toll on us, it triggered our emotions and we take such steps which change our life drastically. It is easy for adolescents to get lost in their world while searching for a way out of this trap & adult world, by making mistakes. If you look closely over it this is an essential part of teenage but one should never give up against odds. It’s not that life will be easy after this 10-19-year age phase, life is going to keep becoming more complex as we grow older. But all the while we keep learning the most important lesson of our life – understanding, self-management, and ways to cope up with an increasingly complicated world in upcoming life.

Teenagers have an exceptional ability to think vastly and freely, about its pros and cons as well. The only factor is decision making and it’s the last and responsible straw for us every rise as well as fall. You may say decision making is complex, you may say accepting kinetic in your dynamic life is complex or any other way to reason out this complexity but ‘complex’ is never going to leave adolescence. A little understanding, support and maintaining parallelism among parents and children is this all needed for our better orientation in this hardest phase of everyone’s lives to rock the rest of our life.

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