How to publish your own blogs on Factsberry?

The concrete base of Factsberry are opinions that are capable of leading the whole society on the path of development and peace (#REVOLUTION). So how we cannot allow our users to publish their own blogs and articles? It will not be fair.

We allow our users to publish their own content but the question is,

What kind of content it is and can be?

  • Opinionated and Informative Blogs (hungry for info)
  • Prose or Stories (love to listen)
  • Poems or Poetries (bring it on)
  • Art, Drawing, or Paintings (feeling excited)
  • Facts (they don’t lie), and
  • All other Creative Content

Posting Procedure

How you can make your content visible on Factsberry?

It is simpler than That’s not rocket science. Follow the steps given below

Step 1 – Prepare your content, but remember your content should meet our content policy.

Step 2 –  You can also mail us your files with proper subject and description at [email protected]

We will review your content

If we find it accurate we will contact you back for further posting procedure.

If we find it inaccurate, we will not post it and we will notify you so that you can improve.

Step 3 – After posting, you should share your blog with your colleagues, family, and friends because sharing is caring.

So don’t wait and don’t think too much, start your blogging carrier NOW!

You can also work as an author with us, to make it happen, contact us.