How prone are adolescents to drug consumption?

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drug addiction

Youth is the most valuable treasure of any state. They have the responsibility of nation-building. Surprisingly, the young generation who are the pillars of our state indulged themselves in the amoral deeds as addiction. 

At a glance, Addiction is the self-destructing activity, which an individual opts to comfort himself without knowing the consequences. Intoxicants addiction is a slow poison that will give short-term pleasure but not happiness and leads to self-destruction. It takes a lot of time to create its foundation to form addictive behavior as habits. At a point in time, drugs become the “desperate need” for druggy.

What happens when you connect faulty wires within a loop? The whole system gets inoperative. So what about the brain? The utter nervous system gets distorted when served by state booster like drugs. It can make you feel like you are in the air or at the very next moment you are swamping in the pool. So with laughter and grief. If you think that intoxication will boost your IQ, then you might be wrong. What you get is a wrecked life.

Reasons and effect of intoxicants addiction 

Well, several viewpoints of life have heightened drug abuse in adolescents.

Presently, it is witnessed that youngsters are self-treating their mental health and anxiety. Usually, they consider drugs and alcohol as medication. Later on, it takes the form of addiction. 

By the time, the intoxicants impact their health, personality, career, finances, language, resources, and relations. Intoxicants dependents have a mental and emotional imbalance.

Thinking drug addiction as trendy is the biggest mistake made by the young generation.

Peer pressure is also one of the reasons for drug addiction. The words of friends, “It’s cool to smoke and have alcohol. Give it a try.” is enough to change your entire life. Unknowingly, You will get addict to such toxic elements. It is a necessity of being conscious of your surroundings.

It is observed that family issues are also the reason for drug addiction. Usually, what happens the males of the family consume alcohol and smokes. And excessive alcohol results in the loss of their senses and gives ascent to conflicts that impact brains. This creates an unhealthy and violent atmosphere at home. Ultimately, children feel restless inside themselves and take the wrong path of intoxicants. 

Why are you not scoring good marks? Why are you not like your friend? Can you accomplish anything in your lifetime or, will you outlive indolently? Like these interrogations, adolescents come across numerous questions frequently that might seldom develop a feel of underestimation within them. Thereupon, a lack of mutual understanding between parents and children creates a lot of trouble that constitutes a risk of craving for intoxicants.

Additionally, the lifestyles of celebrities influence adolescence. Youth is fascinated by their lives and try to chase their lifestyles. Celebrities posting their pictures with smoke and alcohol on social media influence the teens. Many reality shows, movies, fictions show the involvement of teens in drugs that have a powerful impact on the mind of teens. They want to mimic that lifestyle and be just like them consuming alcohol and drugs. 

People who are indulging in alcoholism or drug abuse are lacking in spirituality. That is what leads to disappointments and depression. They have low self-esteem. Ironically, people are consuming intoxicants to lessen anxiety but it leads to the path of depression. 

For a while, drug addiction seems to hit the person who is practicing it. However, it is an inconsistent concern that affects the community, family as well.

Moreover, according to research studies, 3.3 million people die each year due to the harmful use of alcohol. About 3.1 crore Indians consume non-medical and non-prescription based drugs. In India, 4.6 lakh children require medical help against toxic substances. In general, 8.5 lakh people inject drugs. Drug addiction has also given rise to many cases of HIV, hepatitis C, blood pressure, cancer, sleeplessness or insomnia, and cardiovascular diseases like coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, and heart attack.

Heroin, GHB, datura, inhalants, ATS, meow(Mephedrone), marijuana are among the most hazardous drugs widespread.

Smoking and chewing tobacco increase the possibilities of the lung, neck, and oral cancers.

Nearly 60% of individuals are exposed positive for illicit drugs during their arrest in any crime.

As per the survey, drug overtreatment kills more people compared to accidents and murders.

Well, not everyone knows that alcoholism is among the four chief factors for the death of 15-21 old

Let’s have a look at physical signs of drug addiction:

  • Strange smell from the attire.
  • Change in sleep habits.
  • Lack of concern for personal hygiene.
  • Inadequate coordination.
  • Bloodshot eyes.
  • Rapid gain or loss in weight.
  • Mumbled speech.
  • Irregular appetite.
  • Persistent shaking and tremors.

Advantages of De-addiction and how to become a De-addict?

De-addiction leads to consciousness of the individual’s mind. Detoxification molds your physical and mental health with the transformation of the most beautiful side of humankind that is spiritual health. Detoxifying yourself helps you to recognize your spirituality. It increases your productivity and mental peace. It helps to meet your real self. De-addicts feel energetic and invigorated after discarding intoxicants.

The awareness of drug obsession is the need of the hour. The decision to recover should come from within the self. The core to success in resisting de-addiction is determined by the discipline he or she has towards it. 

It’s not tough to quit any addiction. People who might be aware of their addiction can go through the below-mentioned steps to get rid of their bad habits.

Become socialize. Spend time with your family and friends. Try to share your thoughts with them. Help them in their work. This will release your defeatist views and fill you with more energy. 

> Certain ashrams and De-addiction centers have been set up to help people in quitting narcotics. These centers provide a new way to life.

> Practise yoga, meditation, dance, and workout

> Connect with people who have gone through the process of quitting the addiction.

> Consult doctors. There are various ongoing drug treatment programs like Residential treatment, Day treatment/Partial hospitalization, Outpatient treatment, Sober living communities.

Akal Drug De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Center provides facilities to reduce addiction and strengthens your healing.

>  Education regarding the adverse effects of drugs must be a part of their learning.

> Positive environment at home is required to shape the mind of children. 

> Behavior therapy, abrupt cessation, cessation drugs (use of nicotine replacements like chewing gums), and acupuncture are the few ways to quit smoking.


Sometimes situations put people in an everlasting loop of addiction. They stuck in the phase that they could not concede their conscience. It doesn’t mean that they are amoral. Be the healing hands of the ones who are facing addiction matters more than judging them. One of the reasons for the recovery of a person from any state involved their loved ones as supporters. So, DON’T GIVE UP on your dear ones.

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