How beautiful a Poet’s Love is?

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Either poets are the most trustworthy beings on earth…
Or the most distrustful ones.
They can make you believe anything.
You may fathom the depth of their pain sometimes,
Or you may be intrigued by the
Disguise of smile they wear.

They don’t fall in love easily
But if they fall;
you too have to fall for them.
I swear you won’t be able to resist that fall.
They have an uncanny ability to romanticize anything and everything.
And if at all they write for you;
You’ll discover some new things about yourself.
You’ll feel that you’ve been observed by someone so profoundly;
that even the rarest of the rare shy away.

They will paint your giggles
With the brush of their words…
Words that they heave
From the treasure of their pains,
And one day…
they’ll gift you a diary full of memories.
You’ll believe in love like never before
But I shall remind you —
Poets are the most trustworthy beings on earth…
Or the most distrustful ones.


This piece expresses my perspective on how beautiful a Poet’s love is. Poetry and love are so closely related that I always feel poetry has arisen from love only. As far as any feeling is concerned, words won’t ever suffice to justify it. This poem is an attempt to portray a few aspects of how loving feels like especially when expressed through poetry.  

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