Have all your Doraemons vanished away with time??!!

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I believe not!! 
The cycle has its own spikes with each taking its turn to come.⌛ 
There were times your cheekbones arched outside when you smile and smiled; beamed and laughed till they lit up. 
An year has raced till we joined our beds, clicked the bits and hummed along.... 
The days never died, nor did we. 🍂🍁 
The last I remember, I smiled along, sipped through the paper cups and danced as if there was no end ...🍵 
That day I shook your hands and slapped your back to leave you at the window seat. 
I gazed and hoped you reached safe. 
We all are still the pretty little things fighting together  
A few months later we might be done, and part the ways. 
The life might lose the colors. 👣 
But the fractions, my dear... 
Will still remain. 
That day dearies.... 
Grab your potions --- and mix them well to lead new shades, 
Brush up your canvas with something new. 
Doraemons don't vanish, 
They are just a door away; 
Waiting for a call to relive the moments and chat along. 
Time paints you ripe, till you see those pebble eyes; 
Let out a grin and drop your shield💜😇 
That day dearies, when it all lifts up; 
Run......run along till you hit their chests, grab them close and wander along💙💙  


Now that I have your attention, lemme narrate it.  

The year is 2020, with me still trespassing through those lanes. I haven’t looked passed through those panels for long. I stepped at the same place. The same one where they still serve the tea in paper cups. I remember my first impression on you. Soothing, a bit mouthy with no spark. But that was still a dull phase, you-know!!?? Our talks were still all hanging and a different kettle of fish altogether. You left at five and it all went dingy after that. I usually stepped back and gazed as the gates allowed you out. Now I sit reading the same bits you offered me still gazing at the doors you left.  

I guess the lanes are all for the birds now. The grass is still green with same bright tint and the sun kisses me the same way it did earlier. Times ain’t same and the year has passed. We still chat long and bid a perfect bye to the year.  

Just because it did not go as expected; we need not hate the year. That would be wrong. 

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