Getting in-depth with the top free hosting servers (2021)

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Web hosting consists of companies that own their online servers to help view online sites. Can site it by renting a bit of your land in the world of the web. Several technologies and services are provided in turn to support optimal site functioning. All that is needed is to sort out the best for yourself. With diverse platforms into play, all that is required is to identify and cater to various needs.

With a surge in online business, the need for web hosting has upscaled.

The best hosting in 2021 is the one that is secure, fast, and reliable with all-time Customer Support.

Pondering over the fundamental question,

Each website has a domain name along with a Web Host.

Upon browsing the web with the URL, the web browser searches for the particular domain name and searches for the location and contents of the website hosted. So,

A website is a collection of files that are served up to the visitors on their arrival when they browse around it.

With some servers, you might be offered a hosting panel along with monitor resource usage. The user can use it on content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress. This is an admin panel for the server as a whole.

01. High-Quality Website

An ultimate requirement of a mighty web host is direly in demand. Search for the premium features the server offers you upon purchasing and check for the speed tests.

02. Does it feature-rich web hosting?

The user must be supported with reliable shared web hosting with tons of features to help him/her succeed on the online platforms.

03. Reliability and Bandwidth

To keep in mind the factors, smart pick depends on the user. A user-friendly control panel must also be supported with 24/7/365 professional support with hands-on team support.

04. Site Uptime

Site speed uptime is everything needed for your site. The site must always be available and never go down in time of need. Also, the server must offer a discount in case of unplanned downtime.

05. Site Speed

Pick it! Speed is the key. If you want the rankings in your search bars to help you with ($$)!!, get a fast site. Want to make your user satisfied?? Grant them speed. Impact your business. The bigger you get, you want to dive into quick profits and maintain a crazy reputation among the users.

06. Customer Support

Cutting and thinking through the reviews does not make you look for a conclusive answer. There might be a vast difference between quality and reviews. Watch out for the reviews from top publications, and do try free trial customer support.

07. Volume and Traffic

Bigger enterprise brings a more significant responsibility where all sorts of small things matter, including faster delivery. Look for the amount of traffic your server can hold in a month before choosing.

With these aspects in mind, let’s surf through the various servers in reach

A solid, reputable choice for an affordable cost. The company’s low prices, when coupled up with its supremacy, make it a worthwhile deal. Topping the review tables with its reasoned categories, the brand is all-known for its hardware configurations all at a price cap lower than the prevailing competition.

Powered by Cloudflare, Bluehost offers a bit unlimited of everything: storage, bandwidth, storage, and many perks.

The server has banned absolute bullets for topping the points table with its dedicated options and excellent services in WordPress, VPS, and other reliable options. Bluehost has the goods in the pouch to meet the Gen-Z hosting needs.

Boasting a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Handy Features:

  • FREE tech support and available control panel
  • Cluster forums with free community access servers
  • Quite known for reaching high-performance limits at a reasonably low price
  • Known for high performance at a considerably low price
  • Available FTP account and File manager
  • Built-in HTTPS SSL on all free hosting domains
  • 1-click WordPress Install


  • Has no offers prevailing on any premium tech support
  • Has no support platform for Windows OS

Overall Rating of 4.9


Hostinger has been creeping in the Web Hosting arena for almost a decade. Finally, the server officially built an international base for users that are spread in 30+ countries. Starting with risk-free beginner support, it is the best at your stake.

It gathers the tag of the cheapest and reliable hosting service out there.

For a quick gist for the user, the server has a sharp attitude of responsiveness, thus rendering the site quite knowledgeable and helpful. Moreover, it has a repository full of tutorials for the support of its users.

With a wide range of Hostinger employees worldwide, users always have a multitude of languages to fetch support. Additionally, the website has an excellent mail response, bringing the capability to the Administrators to enable or disable their account’s POP3/IMAP or the SMTP services.

Worth looking for novice and intermediate users.

Handy Features:

  • For those signing up for annual Premium or Business shared hosting plans; it provides one free domain name registration
  • Costs ranging from $10 per year for .net and .com extensions, while $12 for .biz and .org ones
  • It has an ultra-intuitive control panel offering, thereby making already purchased domains into your account relatively easier
  • Easy for steady up use website-builder
  • FREE daily and weekly backups
  • 24/7 all-day live chat support for customers
  • Auto installer available for (Word-press with 99.99% uptime and also on Joomla).
  • Unlimited bandwidth, databases, and mail accounts available to serve


  • The company does not quite carry the same name as other US-based hosting service providers
  • Has a shooting increase range in the price ratios after the first term
  • Single-click installation is not enabled for other shared plans except for a single one
  • Has limited served databases for a single plan

Overall Rating of 4.8


Pronounced as the provider of stable free hosting and a high-performance environment, the server has the latest PHP versions, MySQL databases, and another cPanel featuring a fast, reliable, and secure structure in hosting. Aloha!! The users themselves are provided with surprisingly free hosting services for a longer span. The server has high-power-enabled solid-state drives working on more than 150 free templates. Also, a subtle Warning!!

Owing to the traffic provided, the company frequently pushes the pause to the new available customers. Also, the company gathers considerable support from E-Commerce stalls, thereby providing free one-click installs on them.

Handy Features:

  • Equipped with free SEO tools
  • An authenticated platform for Web building
  • Automatic and reverted backups
  • An evergreen 24*7 tech support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Has initiated itself with automatic three free accounts
  • Storage facility of 1 GB
  • Owns various domains under sectioned


  • As already mentioned above, the inadequate response to the traffic surge has been trouble worth mentioning
  • Support of three mails

Overall Rating of 4.8


The server offers a range of surprises depending upon the performance and price. An excellent platform for reseller hosting, the performance perks also apply to various other hosting options such as VPS, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting. A perfect package for newbies, HostGator boasts itself on rising for the upcoming future users.

With the starter being a cheap host, the server also has mobile-friendly templates and 4,500 drag-n-drop website builders.

Just a solid web host, with tons of flexibility in store, and plenty of power and price points, HostGator might prove itself as the best choice among users.

Handy Features:

  • Crux of service is the shared server hosting
  • An excellent client management system
  • Unlimited disk and bandwidth, a free website builder, and website set tool builder with MySQL databases.
  • Uses the latest cPanel software to power up customers’ console administration
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee with cost scripted with a higher percent
  • One-click WordPress install
  • Free one-year domain registration
  • Easy to use control panel
  • 45-day Money back guarantee
  • Unlimited mail addresses


  • Comes middle in terms of the price range
  • Higher update cost is not free

Overall Rating of 4.5

Official website –

A cutting-edge technology registered with a recently moving to a top US-based data center uses Cloud-based Linux OS. The server offers more uprising modern technologies than its counterparts. Its storage space itself is at par with what other companies offer. It stopped advertising on free platforms long back and limited its support to the forums itself, and served the eCommerce servers by supporting the one-click installs. The company doesn’t support free mailing, but then yes, there are other platforms for that.

Being a relatively new hosting platform, it provides hosting equipment based on PCI and SAS 70. With its SSL only available at paid plans, the server offers a tough choice.

Handy Features:

  • Available 5 GB storage
  • Granted 20 GB of bandwidth
  • Provided with 3MySql databases
  • Standard feature being (as mentioned) US-based high-performance data centers
  • SSL type 2 certified data center
  • Contains an add-on and a parked domain
  • No Email facility
  • Upgrade is as cheap as $3 per month
  • 1-click installs for Joomla, PHPShop, and ZenCart


  • Owns limited space and bandwidth as compared to other servers
  • A forum support available instead of customer support

Overall Rating of 4.3

Official website –


As already mentioned, the variations in hosting can conclude that different setups come along with varying admins of the web. Few provide a complete mix of shared and cloud hosting. This can be achieved with 100% uptime with a better price range than their counterparts.

Pro tip: Try to ignore free web hosting.

It’s not worth it!!

A Web Host must know when and where to invest in terms of profit. And hosting for free is not the option. Revenue generated and traffic trails are way more beneficial when taken into words here.

Free hosting is generally good for hosting small and one-event pagers. With that being said, we conclude the servers.

PS: Do you think we might have missed out on a few points??? Show us up!!

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