Emptiness: Heaviest To Carry

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It is funny how the absence of something is heaviest to carry. But what we often fail to realize is that carrying the burden for too long slowly buries us under it. Emptiness is both an emotion and a physical sensation. At times it is hard to define it because of its nature as it is easier to describe things than its absence. The sense of emptiness and desolation is something that has overpowered innumerable minds. Feeling lost in the crowds or having no one to share how your day went, having no shoulder to cry on, or celebrating the big days alone, no matter it is physical or emotional, emptiness wounds the mind like a termite.

Sometimes, even after achieving the long-desired goals, we are left with a void. It is almost as if striving for a goal was more exciting than the reward that you have achieved. The coveted jobs or academic achievements can still leave you with emptiness. This void belies a sense of success. The pain often pushes many into depression or into a feeling of hopelessness. Worse, it can make them feel suicidal as if the nothingness inside is making them an empty vessel, a nothing. People who advise saying that emotional emptiness is unnatural and should be altered but it only leaves the other feeling more antsy, fidgety, and impulsive.

But where this sense of desolation is coming from? What went wrong? It certainly is the disconnection from one’s soul and giving more importance to procurement than one’s life. Being unable to understand the meaning and purpose of life is one of the causes. Instead of investing in ourselves, we choose to focus our strength on worldly goals. Rather than living lives to their full potential, we seek this false sense of self-worth. In place of doing what makes us happy, we put more energy into doing things that others want us to do. Fulling the expectations of people that leave us mentally exhausted.

Doing better than others has become more important to us than doing the best that our potential allows. Amid all these nuances, we forget to explore ourselves and enjoy the life we have and find happiness in the smaller things. However, understanding the underlying cause and resolving it goes a long way in helping one recover from that emptiness. Eliminating the root cause of the problem can help us regain the lost self-love.

Then how can we fight back this suffocating nothingness? How you feel about this emptiness makes all the difference. Take a moment to consider your reactions. Think about what scares you the most and how you deal with it. If what you believe is healthy and rational or unhealthy and irrational? If the answer is latter, it’s time to reframe the irrational notions and put emptiness in a positive light.

Love yourself
Love Yourself First

Get started with attaining a better understanding of your own self. Explore the hobbies and stick to them. Find things that give happiness and are fulfilling. Go for a long walk into greens with favorite music. Appreciate art. Watch movies. Read books. Allow yourself to speak and express your mind and heart. Meet new people. Maintain healthy relations. Meditate. Reconnect with the soul.

Amidst all these, do not forget to reward yourself. Appreciate yourself for coming out stronger after every hardship. Be hopeful for a better tomorrow. And as a famous thinker has said, “And like the moon, we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again”, learn to welcome emptiness. It is a state that allows us to fill ourselves with everything the best life has to offer.

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