Easy 13 health tips for regular days

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Easy health tips for regular days

Keeping yourself fit is the need of the hour, we assume it is not easy for the people occupied with their jobs or kids or any other tasks. But maintaining fitness is not that time-taking as we reckon. Here are some simple yet life-changing tricks that will help you balance both your work and fitness regime.

  1. Your health must be your priority. Keep in mind a healthy body does far better work than an unhealthy one.

2. Increase intake of liquid in your diet, fruit juices, or smoothies not only add taste and color to your diet but also helps u remain hydrated and increase metabolism.

3. Prepare light snacks and carry it with you, you can include grapes, carrots, bananas which way u can avoid junk food. Ordering pizzas or wraps not only effects your pocket but also results in increasing bad cholesterol.

4. Learn new recipes and salads and include blueberries, spinach, citrus fruits. These superfoods are great nutrition for the body.

5. Walking to work, climbing stairs and jogging actually helps you loose weight.

6. If traveling is a regular part of your job, book hotels that offer gyms and healthier menu options.

7. Try to take enough sleep as it helps to improve focus and work productivity.

8. Meditate, laugh, read and listen to music in your free time to release stress.

9. Exercises like burpees, lunges, planks help to burn more calories in less time. Due to the busy timetable, we do not have extra hours for our workout but the above-mentioned exercises are less time taking and help u lose calories faster than usual.

Extended plank position
Extended Plank, By Jaykayfit – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

10. Workout during breaks. You can work out even while watching television or during the short break you get during your office.

11. Replace medicines with yoga aasans or exercises. Medicines harm your body’s defense mechanism, thus it is more advisable to bring yoga into your daily routine as it helps to make your body stronger.

12. If you are a parent and have to give time to your toddler, try kids-friendly workouts. Actually the best way is to play with your little ones, the way u have to run after them to make them have their meals, etc can be a great way to lose calories.

13. Going to gyms during this pandemic is risky, here, a virtual personal trainer does the job of an actual trainer. A virtual personal trainer works out with you just like you do your work from home.

Small steps like these take lesser time and give good results. Usually, people suffer a lot due to their busy schedule as it spoils a person’s both mental and physical health. Thus following an active lifestyle can bring about a lot of change. 

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