Dallol Geothermal Field – A place with no life on Earth

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What if I tell you there is a place on Earth (on our Earth not on any other Earth from the multiverse of the comic universe) where no life can exist, not even microbes. Yes I know, it is a little bit of Shocking but such a place exists by the name of Dallol Geothermal Field.

Dallol is located in northern Ethiopia. It lies in the evaporitic plain of the Danakil depression at the Afar Triangle and in the prolongation of the Erta Ale basaltic volcanic range. It is one of the most remote and the hottest inhabited places on Earth. It is also one of the lowest land points on Earth which lies 410 feet below the mean sea level.

For Ethiopia, Dallol is highly important as it a great source of Geothermal Energy. But life is not so simple in Dallol, the image given below is alone sufficient to justify the previous statement.

dallol geothermal field
By Electra Kotopoulou – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The hyper acidic and hypersaline ponds of Dallol Geothermal FIeld are so acidic that the measurement on the pH scale even hit in the negative. According to scientists, due to extreme conditions, even microbes can’t exist in Dallol Geothermal Fields. These extreme conditions include temperature over 45 degrees Celcius even in winters and dryness.

Opinion – According to me, Dallol is a great example of how we should look at life and its surrounding environment. Dallol provides us an exception that life cannot be assured even if there are water and air present. Over the surface of news what we see is that humans are trying to find life as similar to life on Earth, on other planets. But what if there are some exceptions to it? What if life can exist on other planets that we ruled out due to the extreme environment?

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