Climate Emergency has declared by 11000 scientists around the world

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climate emergency

You can say the most important and less talked topic today present is the degradation of the Environment. But around the corners of the world, some concerned people were working on it from the last 40 years. 11258 scientists from 153 countries signed a paper published in the Journal Bioscience and declared Climate Emergency. The report is titled “World Scientists”.

Key Points of Report

  • The whole report is based on changing data publically available from the last 40 years. 40 years is a massive duration of time which is sufficient to analyze each pro and con completely.
  • In the report, Scientists presented a list of vital signs which clearly show the change in the climate.
  • It includes measures of human activities that can change climate like air travel, meat production, and fertility rate. These activities have been termed as backward steps that are worsening climate change further. In 20 years, the world fertility rate has reduced greatly claims the report. Usage of Chemicals is most responsible for it.
  • They listed 14 impacts of Climate change like extreme weather events, ocean heat content, ocean acidity, etc.

Most prior things should be done to control the degradation of the environment

The following are the key steps to be taken according to the report to handle climate emergency

  • Replacing Fossil Fuel – Neither use nor dig out fossil fuel from Earth.
  • Restoring and protecting the ecosystem.
  • Cutting pollutants like methane and soot.
  • Eating less meat.
  • Converting the economy to carbon fiber.
  • Stabilizing population growth (most important).

Some of my views

Environmental Degradation is a problem in which a solution can’t be temporary. Applying temporary solutions might help you out in the present time but in the future, it will hurt you twice. For example in China, the world’s largest purifier has installed in the northern city of Xian. It can fight air pollution right now but can’t stop it spreading. It is also not sustainably appropriate. So we have to find solutions that cut down such problems from roots, and according to me, such a solution is planting trees. The major cause of climate change is deforestation. Right now we don’t have time to blame the system for this condition but to do something by yourself. Planting trees in your locality will not harm you, plant as many trees as you can. Change your lifestyle according to 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Change yourself, your locality and you will see the world-changing. Some famous lines but really practically proved.

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