The Best Free VPNs within reach (2021)

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With corona being at a surge, the current scenario has been worsening and the need to work safely at home has increased massively.  So, is Free VPN an answer to all blocked content? If so, which one?

If you are looking for a safety jacket for your IP, we are here to help you. Let’s look through the best tested and free VPNs.

All of us enjoy free services. But when free VPNs come into play, be aware; coz it might cost you your privacy.

Streaming and torrenting the websites and online live platforms such as Netflix, Prime, BBC sounds a bit enthralling. Having access to the websites that the internet has officially blocked, is satisfactory on an optimum level. Quite a scam, people often fall victim to websites that don’t charge them enough or are free.

The free VPNs often compromise and rob you of your privacy, thus fulfilling their need for money.

A paid VPN service will let you surf the internet in complete privacy.

VPNs have been much in demand owing to their cracked usage nowadays. Also, there is no such thing as a free VPN in the sense of unlimited use. The best way for all the tech-savvy people out there is to rent a low-powered Linux server and set up their VPN for a measly charge of $25-$40 per year. So in case, very few companies offer free VPN access to the users. Instead, they offer free subscription levels.

Also, few companies offer limited bandwidth and low connections to unpaid users. Some provide limited access to servers or a bunch of location servers.

Including proxies and free VPN services can actually in turn drain the users from their experience and cost them their privacy and security.

Free VPNs might keep track of your logged information and websites. Few users might want to cover their IP, but that might encounter a severe breach or slow browsing speed encounter, unstable off connections, data usage caps, and outdated encryptions.

Paying for a VPN typically unlocks the giant, revealing the features, thus adding additional tinge unavailable at the free level. You start getting the servers at the very same locations with sole connections.

Indeed free VPNs are so limited that the user is likely to experience appalling performance issues. This is generally due to the difficulty of free users accessing the same VPN. Overcrowding?? Yes!! That’s the case.

Gathering the ratios and data from the fastest tested Hotspot Shield VPN, its free version runs on 2 Mbps of data speed in addition to a 500 MB per day data limit. It thus can be concluded from throttling connections.

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

Keep in mind the term “PRICE TAG”. Conflicting terms as they are BEST VPNs ain’t free and FREE VPNs ain’t the best. The most successful websites such as Facebook, Quora make their revenue by targeting ads to the users.

Similarly, there is also a price tag on the use of FREE VPNs. Serving as baits and selling the personal data thus, covering their backs might always leave you stunned.

When the premium VPNs are accessed, we get top-grade security features and unlimited data bandwidth. Also, a limited free day trial period by the premium websites must be taken into consideration.

Safe VPN is generally a paid service.

Free VPN services are much in demand. Better stay upon a good idea to try out a few and figure the best one out. Features of a great VPN service include –

  • Easy Usage
  • Privacy and Security
  • Anonymity
  • Shouldn’t throw up barriers even upon using the free interface

Citing a dozen valid reasons why getting a paid VPN is a much better option, we still suggest some of the best free VPNs worth investing your time in. Keeping and trending your digital security to top-notch, this review is especially for free VPN users.

Crowning the VPN as the best one available in the space, this tops in the statistical scenarios. We reckon this one being the best available out there. Tis’ the best one available in the rankings. The VPN matches your wavelength in security and it’s typically the best and generous in its offers. It boasts its encryption to be “military encrypted” and being hard to crack. Comforting enough to pursue you with banking and shopping, it’s an addition to your security. One can sign up for a 70 country round package upon paying for the elite version of Hotspot.


  • Global-Internet Access
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 5 device link-up
  • Top privacy rules
  • 24/7 live tech support
  • Available premium version features
  • 500MB of daily data
  • One Server Workup
  • Easy and comfortable UI
  • Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS support

 This might be the one for you (………!!)


BasicPremiumPremium Family


Streaming AccessLimitedOptimizable for Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, Youtube, Disney+ and more
Connection SpeedUp to 2 MbpsUltrafast 1 Gbps speed
Multiple VPN ProtocolsYesYes
Virtual LocationsThe U.S. onlyOver 115 locations, 80+ countries, 35+ cities
Device Connections15
Premium DevicesNoSmart TVs, routers, Linux


Huh! What does this bear do?

Well, this one protects your identity with all the ease and effort.

This VPN purely patches the options for you. It might seem a serious free option with a kid-supportive design, but please, I stand by my words. Granted an acquisition-free option by McAfee this stands a tough wall to others. Available in both free and paid transactions, the free plan is limited to 500MB of traffic each month with a teeny tiny usage limit. An extra bit of protection with free route and traffic, torrenting, and streaming might not seem possible.

Over time, it has been providing its users a bit more privacy with negligible information cases.


  • User-friendly curtsies
  • Available mobile and desktop clients
  • Low data limit
  • An easy no burden path
  • An easy Windows, Mac, Android, iOS platform
  • 20+ servers available
  • 24/7 live chat support




Penny-free provider to unlimited data allowance. The option provides you with a free VPN along with a paid option. But the thing to keep in mind is, it is one device connect policy and three limited locations. Speed might drop at peak times but apart from that, it’s an impressive provider with no-logging policies, no ad-content, thus surpassing all the clients.


  • P2P Support
  • Secure Core Servers
  • Secure Streaming
  • Tor over VPN
  • 10 Gbit servers
  • 10 device support with advanced features
  • Global Network
  • Exclusive Plus Servers
  • Connection Profiles
  • No monthly data limits specified
  • Great arm on the privacy front
  • Limited support


Available Free PricingYes
CostFrom $3.29-$5.00
AvailabilitymacOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Extensions in browserNone
Split in tunnelingYes


A super secure VPN with a considerate data cap. A tough commitment to protection and privacy by your side makes it one of the best trusted VPNs around the arena. With 10GB of bandwidth in your account, the VPN can also track 10 remote server locations. No storage of connection logs, IP stamps, or visited sites. If that does not draw you, the VPN has a built-in ad blocker available with firewall protection too.


  • 10 GB of free data per month
  • Stud Privacy Policy
  • Can connect to unlimited devices available
  • No weblogs required


5. Speedify

Secure, speedy with no streaming support. During encryption, this guy ensures your speedy internet connectivity. The things in turbo technology have been speeding up and gathering pace. Also!! The free plan ensures the restriction of free server support. Definitely to look upon the server with an economic front wide enough for basic surfing and email addressing this is a BOOM for you. But yes it’s a dreaded streaming contestant.

Bonus Stats in your sleeve include:

  • TunnelBear –  Free VPN for Beginners
  • Hotspot Shield –  Free VPN for Windows and Mac Users
  • ProtonVPN –  Free VPN with Unlimited Data Usage
Proton VPNNone
TunnelBear500 MB

Using data from the official releases and PCmag, one can conclude ProtonVPN to be the safest and the best. Other options include TunnelBear and WindScribe. Each of the options mentioned has its special features and technicality owing to server connections and data limits.

Upon deducing and looking through the ratios, there are various things to keep an eye on:

  • Data limits
  • Stats of simultaneous connections and servers involved
  • Speed caps
  • Accessed sites

Moreover, an excellent way of overcoming the dilemma is to access country-specific VPNs, thus catering to practical needs.

You can be robbed of your personal data and security until your data is diverted to a safe HTTPS address. A safer VPN keeps you away from bloopers and caters to your preferences and needs. Also, check out for the connectivity and protocols before checking out a VPN, ultimately finding the best one for you.

Let us know if you’ve got any kind of suggestions or questions related to this topic in the comment section. We welcome your guidance and every sort of healthy criticism. In case you like the thoughts presented and the narration of the topic, you can follow us and share it with your friends and family, it would be appreciated.

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