49 Weird Facts About FASHION

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Fashion facts

Fashion is one of the things we have to do on a day-to-day premise. Many people who pretend they don’t care what they dress in the morning learn a lot about themselves and how they feel.

Fashion could be a language that communicates a biography more about the person wearing it. “Clothes produce a wordless means of communication that we all understand”, according to Katherine Hamnett, a prime British fashion designer. Many rock groups wore Hamnett’s t-shirts featuring large inscriptions like “Choose Life,” then she became popular.

“A little of what you call frippery is very necessary towards looking the rest of the word”

Abigail Adams
  1. Up till the start of the 19th century, models were not used to showcase garments. Fashion companies would use dolls instead.
  2. Queen Victoria was the first person to wear a white gown for the wedding. White had previously been employed as a mourning shade.
  3. However, white is still used as a mourning hue in China. It is now associated with purity in the Western world.
  4. Eyeliner was discovered in King Tutankhamun’s tomb, the most improbable of places!  This has been a should indeed item in every woman’s collection since the 1920s.
  5. A woman having short hair a hundred years ago was believed to be disloyal to her partner.
  6. Pink for ladies & blue for men seems to be a growing trend: A 1918 magazine recommended blue for girls because it was a “so much more delicate and fragile tone” and pink for boys because “it’s a louder and more ardent color, and because it’s truly evolved from the red”.
  7. Cotton is said to have been invented by the Indians, and it was so popular that the Romans used to export it from them.
  8. Barbie, the foremost popular doll within the World, was first wearing a white and black striped swimsuit.
  9. The four major International Fashion shows take place in the following order: New York first, London second, Milan third, and Paris fourth. In the period of February and September, each of the cities hosts a fashion show twice a year.
  10. To protect the brand’s ultimate uniqueness, Louis Vuitton is said to burn its old bags.
  11. In Arab culture, shoes are considered filthy because they contact the ground and cover the foot. It is deemed disrespectful to point at one’s shoe sole, and tossing a shoe at someone is regarded as a terrible insult.
  12. The beret is a popular item in France, which is also known for its military outfits.
  13. The average starting wage for fashion designers is $23,000. Fashion designers with a proven track record might expect to earn up to $150,000 or more.
  14. The perfume was employed by the Ancient Egyptians in religious rites as well as to make people smell beautiful.
  15. Mary Quant‘s favorite car, the Tiny Cooper, inspired the name of the mini skirt.
  16. Cardigans are presently fashionable and wearable, but since they were first created, the idea was to create a knitted flannel shirt.
  17. Blue is the color of royalty, which is why police officers in the United States wear blue uniforms.
  18. During Elizabeth, I‘s reign, females who did not wear caps on Sundays and public holidays were subjected to a heavy fine.
  19. Grabatologists are people who enjoy collecting ties.
  20. A Sneakerhead is a person who collects shoes.
  21. Women have worn makeup since well before Cleopatra‘s time. They would be using berries and some other fruits to add some color to their faces.
  22. The bikini was introduced in 1946, but it was outlawed in many countries, including Italy because the Vatican declared it to be a sin.
  23. Neckties were originally called cravats and came from Croatia. They are currently the foremost popular Father’s Day gift.
  24. The glass slippers did not exist in the original Cinderella tale. Instead of fur, her shoes were made of glass, but the story was modified in the 1600s to include the now-famous glass slippers.
  25. Japanese warriors wore their hair up in a small ponytail after shaving the front of their heads. However, in contrast to the man of bun today, this wasn’t just for fashion. It helped to stay their helmets secure.
  26. Valentino Garavani, a famous Italian fashion designer, takes his 5 precious pugs everyplace with him.
  27. In the 15th century, pregnancy was immensely fashionable. Women who were not expecting a baby wore stuffed pillows under their clothes to create the appearance of a baby bump.
  28. The inaugural edition of the fashion magazine Vogue was published on December seventeenth, 1892.
  29. Men were the first to wear jewelry. They were a symbol of dignity and triumph in combat for kings and royals.
  30. With the development of automobiles, women’s fashion changed, with shorter skirts being made in the 1900s to make it easier for ladies to enter automobiles.
  31. At one point in history, buttons were not added to garment sleeves for decorative purposes. To prevent soldiers from wiping their noses on their sleeves, Napoleon Bonaparte had buttons sewn into their jackets.
  32. The term “jeans” is derived from the cotton pants worn by “Genes”, a native term for Genoese sailors.
  33. False eyelashes are a trendy look these days. But did you know that in 1916, producer G.W. Griffith invented the first fake eyelashes? He only did that because he wanted to bring out the beauty of Seena Owen (actor) in his film.
  34. Initially, both men and women wore high heels. It was worn by men as it was simpler for them to ride horses in it.
  35. A bale of cotton weighing less than 500 pounds may produce 215 pairs of jeans.
  36. Louis Vuitton is the most valuable fashion brand in the world, valued at $23 billion.
  37. When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got to the moon, they wore spacesuits designed by Playtex.
  38. Two women died after being struck by lightning. Their underwire bras served as conductors of electricity, transferring current between the women.
  39. There’s a firm called Little Miss Matched that offers mismatched socks in packs.
  40. Until 1910, newborn boys wore dresses till they were 5-6 years old, but this practice was discontinued owing to trend changes.
  41. Australians are the world’s second-largest fashion consumers. Once a year, they consume 27 kg of new apparel and materials.
  42. Polyester clothing might take up to two hundred years to decompose.
  43. Maria Parsakeva has made history by producing the world’s longest wedding veil, measuring 6,962.6 meters in length, in preparation for her wedding.
  44. Only 10% of the garments donated to resale stores or charities are sold; the rest end up in landfills.
  45. During the Middle Ages, people paid their taxes with items of clothing or fabric.
  46. Michael Jordan‘s father, James Jordan, was assassinated by a guy dressed in a Michael Jordan T-shirt.
  47. That the very first pair of Levi’s were traded for $6 value of gold dust in 1853.
  48. Victorian classic men’s collars were so stiff that sometimes caused men to asphyxiate, earning them the moniker “father murderers.”
  49. Roman loved Phallus jewelry. Ancient Romans wore penis charms on necklaces or hung them in doorways to push back evil spirits.

Above mentioned points are the Fashion facts. Do let us know your choice regarding fashion and don’t forget to share it with friends or colleagues.

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