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The Hunch Contest – Women’s Day Series (8th March – 16th March)

Hello Foodies, Factsberry Team is organizing a contest for The Hunch Cafe on this International Women's Day in respect of all Super Moms...

How beautiful a Poet’s Love is?

">This piece expresses my perspective on how beautiful a Poet’s love is. Poetry and love are so closely related that I always feel poetry has arisen from love only. As far as any feeling is concerned, words...

5 Most beautiful Queens of India and the story of their Sacrifices

Women were always considered "goddess" and "Shakti". But The status of women in medieval India degraded gradually despite knowing the fact...

Second Quizathon Event – Mixed Quiz Contest

Event is Over Winners: First Prize: Rajeev Singh Second Prize: Suneeta Lamba Third Prize: Prashant Shukla ______________

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8 things about Toxic Parenting and 7 measures to overcome

{Highly Opinionated} (i) You get up, go to school, take a test, and score average marks. You feel low, come home and try to share it with your parents. But instead...

A Poem That’s Still Untitled

It hits like a catastrophe when I've my pen in my hands and my brain snuggles all the thoughts and doesn't let them come out. My brain randomly comes out of the...

An Open Letter To My Best Friend Loneliness

Dear loneliness, Hello, It’s me your confidant. I know you remember me because we have been with each other for quite a long time. So, Today I want to say a few...

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