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Why MARVEL movies are better than DC movies?

To understand the fact that what gives Marvel movies an edge over DC movies, we have to understand these two universes. Marvel and DC are two superhero movie industries...

What kept me afloat in 2020: Books

2020 was a quagmire, things completely got haywire, people got stuck and those who got infected by the well-known virus suffered from a different mental trauma altogether...

What is so special about Chinese New Year?

With New Year comes new aspirations and hope, new challenges and opportunities to look forward to, new beginnings, and a positive outlook...

Poetry: God is a Woman?

No one ever heard those screams behind the door When she was beaten so badly and was dragged on the floor New wounds were seen on her face each day Again, she was brutally...

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8 things about Toxic Parenting and 7 measures to overcome

{Highly Opinionated} (i) You get up, go to school, take a test, and score average marks. You feel low, come home and try to share it with your parents. But instead...

A Poem That’s Still Untitled

It hits like a catastrophe when I've my pen in my hands and my brain snuggles all the thoughts and doesn't let them come out. My brain randomly comes out of the...

An Open Letter To My Best Friend Loneliness

Dear loneliness, Hello, It’s me your confidant. I know you remember me because we have been with each other for quite a long time. So, Today I want to say a few...

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